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Don’t sacrifice yourself too much, because if you sacrifice too much there’s nothing else you can give and nobody will care for you.

— ― Karl Lagerfeld (via psych-quotes)

The world’s up-and-coming “it girl” is taking things into her own hands and redefining what it takes to be an “it” girl in the harsh fashion industry in her new book “IT”. But who is this short-haired beauty you may ask? Well, here is a brief profile introducing cheeky English fashionista Alexa Chung.

Alexa Chung


English television presenter, model and contributing editor at British Vogue

Who is her fashion inspiration?

"Jane Birkin inspires me daily. When I’m tempted to dress too sexy, I think of her and am reminded that true style comes from within".

How do you make your closet more like Alexa’s?

Fill it with jeans, band T-shirts, cable-knit cardigans, way too many blazers, cute black ankle boots covered with buckles or straps or studs.

If she’s such a fashionista, then how come she hasn’t kick-started any fashion trends?!

Oh, but she has! Under her belt, Alexa has fashion trends like kitty flats, pinafores, nautical outerwear and many others.

  Didn’t she date Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner?

For more than four years! Despite their break-up in 2011, Alexa has stated that the two remain best friends.

"Not everything happens for a reason. Sometimes life just sucks".
- Nat (photo is not mine)


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